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RBSP Finds Natural Particle
   Accelerator, Mar. 1, 2013,
   on NPR's Science Friday

RBSP Quick Facts
    Aug. 30, 2012
    Kennedy Space Ctr.
    Launch info...
 • Renamed in honor of
    James Van Allen on
    Nov. 9, 2012. More Info…
 • Johns Hopkins APL
    built and will operate
    the twin RBSP spacecraft
 • Science payload:
    5 instruments
    – ECT
    – EFW
    – RPS
 • Mission duration: 2 yrs.
 • Twin spacecraft will fly
    nearly identical orbits
    covering the entire
    radiation belt region

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The RBSP-ECT team includes engineers, scientists, researchers, and project managers. The science team brings together leaders in the areas of instrument design and operation, science data analysis and management, theory and modeling, and space weather applications.

They are distributed across eight funded U.S. institutions (The Aerospace Corp., UNH, Dartmouth College, Los Alamos Natl. Lab., MIT, Southwest Research Inst., UCLA, Univ. of Colorado), one unfunded US Govt. partner agency (NOAA/SEC), and three unfunded international collaborators (Univ. of Alberta, British Antarctic Survey, and CERT-ONERA).

Principal Investigator

Deputy Principal Investigator

Project Management

Science Team
University of New Hampshire
   •  Chia-Lin Huang, Science Analysis
   •  Mike Golightly, Science Analysis

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Aerospace Corporation

University of Colorado

Southwest Research Institute

NASA Goddard SFC


University of California, Los Angeles

Dartmouth College

University of Alberta

British Antarctic Survey


RBSP ECT Team Organization
Organizational chart for ECT suite management,
both technical and programmatic
. . .