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RBSP Finds Natural Particle
   Accelerator, Mar. 1, 2013,
   on NPR's Science Friday

RBSP Quick Facts
    Aug. 30, 2012
    Kennedy Space Ctr.
    Launch info...
 • Renamed in honor of
    James Van Allen on
    Nov. 9, 2012. More Info…
 • Johns Hopkins APL
    built and will operate
    the twin RBSP spacecraft
 • Science payload:
    5 instruments
    – ECT
    – EFW
    – RPS
 • Mission duration: 2 yrs.
 • Twin spacecraft will fly
    nearly identical orbits
    covering the entire
    radiation belt region

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Science Payload on RBSP

RBSP's science payload will include five instruments designed to collect data used to characterize and quantify the processes that produce the relativistic ions and electrons in the radiation belts.

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